6 Easy Ways To Collect 1,000 Email Contacts

email address collectionIn a recent blog posts (found here), I stressed, with the use of 5 handy facts, the reasons why any business in Sussex should be using email marketing as a central cog of any online marketing campaign – even perhaps more than social media and the sexier online techniques available.

The biggest difficulty when it comes to email marketing is actually finding people to email in the first place.

Here are a few tips and are the actual steps I took to help one client collect their first 1,000 email contacts – and exactly what you could be doing tomorrow to start sending out emails:

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5 Reasons To Stick With Email Marketing

How’s your email marketing campaign going? Do you even have one?

email marketing in sussex

Despite its age email marketing is still one of the best ways to sell something. It’s easy to implement and cheap if not free to use. If your business isn’t incorporating email marketing into your online marketing strategy – you’re missing out big time, and leaving so much money on the table.

Whenever I come across businesses in Sussex who want online marketing coaching on the newest, sexiest “on trend” marketing techniques, I show them some statistics and their minds are usually changed in seconds.

…Like so many other businesses across Sussex, they know they should be using email but just hadn’t got to grips with it – until they saw these:

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4 Ways To Conquer Social Media With Minimal Effort

social media marketing sussex.jpgWhen it comes to any form of small business marketing I always tell my marketing coaching clients across East Sussex to try every platform, technique or method at least once before discounting it.

This method of measuring and testing each marketing technique is a great way to establish which methods work and which…don’t. I usually say, if a method isn’t generating you sales, it must be dumped as a tool. Now, I wholeheartedly follow this rule…but I do have one exception.

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