4 Ways To Conquer Social Media With Minimal Effort

social media marketing sussex.jpgWhen it comes to any form of small business marketing I always tell my marketing coaching clients across East Sussex to try every platform, technique or method at least once before discounting it.

This method of measuring and testing each marketing technique is a great way to establish which methods work and which…don’t. I usually say, if a method isn’t generating you sales, it must be dumped as a tool. Now, I wholeheartedly follow this rule…but I do have one exception.

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Not Enough Sales? Does Your Website Design Suck?

“If your website isn’t converting visitors into sales, it’s a waste of money”

website design sussexOpen up a new browser tab and take a look at your businesses website, now take a look at your weekly, monthly or yearly sales. How many qualified sales or leads were generated by your website?In most cases the answer to this question is “none” or “not enough” – if the same goes for you, your website sucks and you’re in desperate need for a website design overhaul.

A lot of business websites can become clunky, cluttered, difficult to update and difficult to navigate – all things which, when put together turn visitors off and turns them away. Your business website needs to be clean, clutter free and easy to update. A clutter free website environment prevents visitors from wandering off and keeps them focussed on what you’re trying to say – or sell.

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Online Marketing Planning & Strategy: One Rule

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…”

marketing planningThis phrase is often thrown around in buzzword filled networking events, business seminars etc. It’s pure cheese, but – at least when it comes to increasing your businesses sales, it really is needed.

I’m personally not a fan of set in stone, long and rigid online marketing plans. Instead, I try to set out marketing plans to be as liquid, simple and elastic as possible. Likewise, all my marketing plans are written in plain, non-nerd. non-techy, understandable and actionable English.

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