Stop Wasting Marketing Money: Reel In Repeat Customers

Marketing can be hard, online marketing can be even more difficult. Coupled with expensive and time consuming.

And, given that you can only really attract so many new customers— you must have some kind of system im place to convert first-time buyers into repeat buyers,. customers who, no matter what – will keep buying from you because your product is great, because you’re an expert or just because of you!

Why is this so important? As said, marketing and acquiring a new customer is expensive—some businesses won’t even cover the cost of marketing from their new customers first purchase, they will only make  profit on the second and third purchases.

So how can you increase your chances for turning first-time buyers into repeat buyers? You need a process that delivers a “wow” experience and guides that buyer towards repeat purchases.

Successful companies proactively manage the relationship with new customers. For example, follow up calls are scheduled in order to determine if the purchase has lived up to the buyers expectations.

Think about this from your own perspective—have you ever gone to a shop, bought something, brought the product home and been frustrated with the out-of-box experience? For example, have you ever had difficulty getting the product assembled, properly installed and operating?

Wouldn’t you have appreciated a call from a member of the company, asking if you needed any or your questions answered now you’re getting to grips with the product? Wouldn’t that be helpful?

Or what about simple “thanks again!” along with a reminder of a special feature that might help you enjoy the product even more!?

Providing a “real” touch like this has a knock-on effect, not only will it increase the warm-fuzzy feeling enjoyed by your customer, they will tell others about their buying experience. Almost guaranteed.

This system of follow ups should occur online too. If possible, try to follow the customer on Twitter, and Like them on FB. Mention them where possible and send them special offers and helpful usage tips via email. Reminding them that you do exist and you rock as a service or product provider.

Go ahead and try it now with your next customer!

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